The best workout timer for your WODs
The most flexible and advanced workout timer on the Play Store! Created by a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Qualified Kettlebell Trainer, and gym owner.
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Awesome app features
This is truly one of the most advanced workout timers you can get for your Android. Imagine it. Create it! This timer simply allows you to design ANY workout that you can imagine.
Highly Customizable

The redel app consist various constructs with
varying degree of parallelism. Although high
performance in concurrent tasks.

Default Timers

Your tasks are a big part of life Stay always be
motivated and get in touch with redel app to
simpliyfy your work flow.

Pre-program + Share

Redel has an extensions for multiple platforms
your tasks are always there on your browsers,
mobiles,inboxes and more.

Flexible, Customisable, Powerful!
Install once and never look at back at any other timer.

The timer is built on the concept of blocks, everything is a block and you create with those blocks how you see fit. Repeater blocks, time blocks, audio blocks, visual blocks and so on. You can build your own or you use the default timers. Anyone in the world can design a timer the way you want it, share it with you, and you install it in several simple steps.

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Workout Timer Features
These are just a small selection of the countless of features this awesome app provides.
Add Music

Organize and play your music how you see fit. Put it all in one order or assign the songs to blocks.

Easy to Customize

Literally, everything in this app is customizable, screens, audio, voice, sounds, alerts, visuals, and more.

Full Screen Control

Orientate the screen horizontal, vertical, or auto as you move your phone.

Share + Social

You can share timers that you create with others, but you can also share your workout results at the tap of a button.

Check out the full list of awesome features this workout timer has to offer.

Workout timer app screenshots
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All essential features are free to use, just install and run your timers today.


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  • CheckAd free
  • CheckTimer duplication
  • CheckBlock duplication
  • CheckUser-defined type
  • CheckDisplay customisation
  • CheckDownload timers
  • CheckShare/backup timers
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