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Workout Timer App

Version 1.33.0

This is the documentation for the workout timer app by Cavemantraining.

Main screenThis is the main menu/screen of the workout timer.

The first item in the menu will be the last timer you ran and you’ll be able to quickly start that timer by tapping.

NEW TIMER allows you to create a new timer. In the free version you can create 8 (check features for up to date numbers) timers, with 8 default timers that leave 2 new ones you can create. You can delete any of the default timers without any problems and later download them again.

MY TIMERS allows you to list all your timers and either run or edit them from there. You can also edit any of the default timers here after you’ve made a copy (duplicate) of the default timer in question.

QUICK TIMERS allows you to quickly access all common default timers used in a workout, like Tabata, interval, HIIT, AMRAP, FOR TIME, circuit, etc. From here you can also duplicate a default timer and move it to MY TIMERS for editing. It’s basically like using a template to start your new custom timer.

SETTINGS allows you to manage the settings of the app. You can also see what version of the app you’re running.

ABOUT explains who we are and also enables you to sign up for workouts in your email.

VIDEO TUTORIAL is a video tutorial which quickly demos the features of the workout timer app.

SHOP allows you to check out other cool products and services from Cavemantraining™, just like this awesome app.

ASK QUESTIONS is the place to look for help/support with this app, there is a link to a group we run in which you can discuss the app, ask questions, propose new features, etc.

To come back to this screen you can use the back button on your phone or use the back arrow in the top left-hand corner.

This welcome screen only shows one time upon the first start of the app.

Welcome to Cavemantraining’s Workout Timer, the one and only timer you’ll ever need to get things done. This timer is extremely flexible and therefore does not function like other timers you might be accustomed to.

Following is a quick intro to your timer:

Create a REPEATER BLOCK to define repetitions. For example; a repeater block with a value of 10 will repeat 10 times

Create a TIME BLOCK to define the duration of count-down. For example; a time block with a value of 20 seconds, with a repeater of 10, will count-down 10 times, a total of 200 seconds.

Another example:

Create a REPEATER BLOCK with a value of 8
Create a TIME BLOCK with a value of 20 seconds and type being WORK
Create a TIME BLOCK with a value of 10 seconds and type being REST

And you have a Tabata timer that will repeat 8 times 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest.


The flexibility of the timer is that you can create all types of combinations, for example:

TIME BLOCK of 4 minutes WARM-UP
Put your Tabata timer previously created here

And you have a Tabata timer with programmed warm-up, and cool-down.


The number of combinations is unlimited, and you can even download pre-defined timers/workouts from Cavemantraining.

Have a play with the timer, if anything is unclear, just hit the top right icon on the page you’re on, and all details for that particular screen will be explained. If anything is still unclear, or you’ve spotted an issue/mistake, please feel free to let us know on or

This is where the magic starts. You can create a new timer, duplicate an existing timer, or download a timer from Cavemantraining™ for one of many workouts. The duplication and download functionality is only available in the paid version.

The paid version allows more timers, duplications of timers, user-defined types, and downloading timers.

This screen has three options to select from:

  1. Create timer; or
  2. Duplicate existing timer; or
  3. Download a timer

Selecting Create timer allows you to create a new timer from scratch.

Selecting Duplicate existing timer allows you to select an existing timer and create a duplicate. This is a paid function.

Selecting Download a timer allows you to download pre-defined timers from Cavemantraining, you can watch our workout videos, read about the workout, and then download the timer to perform the workout yourself.

Following are some of the free app limitations:

  • Only x number of timers can be saved.
  • Every second time a timer is run, an ad will be displayed afterward.
  • The timer duplication is paid functionality.
  • Creating user-defined types is paid functionality.
  • Display customization is paid functionality.

This is the start of your new timer and creates an empty canvas for you to add parts/blocks of the timer. You can add the name and description of the timer, with the description being optional.

The last option defines how the timer is displayed on the screen, there are plenty of options to chose from, you can even adjust the orientation of the screen. After you completed all options, click Next.


Screen display

From this screen, you can select how the screen of your timer displays and acts to movement/orientation. You can fix the orientation so that if you rotate your phone, your screen does not rotate, or you can set it to auto rotate.

Other options are the style of how the timer displays once you run the timer. Some screens have big numbers, others have even space for the numbers and information. As we upgrade the timer more screens will become available to you to chose from.

This screen has two options. The first is a Repeater block and the second is a Time block. If there is something you want to repeat, like for example 8 x 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest, then you add a repeater block first. If you want to add a count-down, warm-up, or work time, then you add a time block, you can nest a time block within a repeater block, and you can also nest a repeater block within a repeater block.

The number of times you want to repeat a time block. If for example, you wanted to create a Tabata timer of 8 times 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest, you would enter the number 8 here. This is a required field. You can also think of this as the number of rounds, sets, cycles etc.

This is the name that will be displayed on your timer canvas, you can choose from:

  • Rounds
  • Cycles
  • Sets
  • Stations
  • User-defined.

User-defined is only available in the paid version of the app. If you select user-defined it will allow you to enter any text you want.

At step 2 you were able to create a repeater or time block, this is the screen if you selected time block. A time block is the part that defines the duration of whatever it is you want to do.

TIMER is a dropdown which gives you the options:

  • Counting-down
  • Counting-up
  • Stopwatch

If you have a time block of 60-second duration and you select counting down then the timer will start at 60 and count down to 0. If you select counting up then the timer will start 0 and count up to 60.

If you select stopwatch you won’t be able to select a duration as a stopwatch starts at 0 and keeps counting until something happens, i.e. you reaching the number of reps or having finished your workout.

TYPE is a dropdown with the following options:

  • Work
  • Rest
  • Exercise
  • Count down
  • Transition
  • Warm-up
  • Station
  • Recovery
  • Cool-down
  • Stretching
  • WOD
  • User-defined

All types can be displayed on the timer screen which will make it clear as to what you’re doing.

SPEAK TYPE If you enable “Speak type” a voice will speak the type when this part of the timer is run, meaning, if the timer encounters the block you just created of type Work and you enabled Speak type, then you’d hear a voice say “Work”. This applies to all types apart from User-defined, this type allows you to enter any text that you want to assign to the block, a type can be displayed on the timer, hence, you could use this to for example enter “Burpee” for the text which would then display on the screen.

FOR TIME which means you have a task that you need to complete as fast as possible, is a type that when enabled will add additional functionality to the timer. When enabled it will display a button on the screen which enables you to mark that task as finished and the time will be recorded. When you select this type the TIMER will automatically change to Stopwatch.

DURATION is where you define how long the time block should last for, you can select seconds, minutes, and hours.

SKIP ON LAST REPETITION is functionality that comes in handy when you have a time block in a repeater that consists of Work and Rest, but you don’t need the last round of rest. Here’s a great example, let’s say that you have a repeater of 8 rounds 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest, right after these 8 rounds you program 5 minutes of cool down or stretching. This would mean on round 8 you would get 20 seconds of work and then 10 seconds of rest followed by 5 minutes cool-down, but in reality, you don’t need those 10 seconds of rest because you’re not going to use them, this is when you enable “Skip on last repetition”.

SHOW REP COUNTER when enabled will display rounds on the screen which you can increase by tapping on the icons. +1 will add one rep to the counter and -1 will deduct one from the counter. This is great to keep track of your reps or have someone else do it for you. If you do your reps in 10 you can use +10.

SHOW ROUND COUNTER works exactly the same as the rep counter. The rounds are displayed before the dot “.” and the reps are displayed after the dot, meaning if you did 10 rounds and 5 reps it would display 10.5.


DISPLAY allows you to change some variables on how the screen displays once you run the timer.

TIME FORMAT allows you to change how the format of the time is displayed on the screen. If you have a time block of 3 minutes and you choose to display it as “ss” then it will display 180, i.e. 3 x 60 seconds. If you choose to display it as “mm:ss” then it will display as 03:00.

TIME COLOR allows you to change the color of the time.

TYPE COLOR allows you to change the color of the time block type which is displayed when you have selected the right display screen.

BACKGROUND COLOR allows you to change the background color of the screen for this time block. This is an awesome visual that you can use to indicate intensity or change or rounds, for example, the warm-up can be green, and work can be red. It’s also a good cue to use when you’re in a noisy gym and you can’t hear your alerts.

VISUAL ALERT allows you to create a visual alert through the flicker of the background or time. You can also define when this happens, it’s a great cue to use near the end of a round, for example, 3 seconds before the end of the round (time block) you can set the background to flicker.


Audio blocks are the part of the app where you assign alerts, sounds, voices, and other audio to your time blocks.

This screen will display all the audio blocks (audio files, songs, alerts, etc.) you’ve added to the time block. Audio blocks can only be assigned to time blocks.

To add an audio block just tap on “Add a block”, this will take you to the next screen which looks as follows.

You can choose from audio files like:

  • Alerts
  • Voice
  • Numbers
  • Type
  • Intensity
  • Various
  • Equipment
  • Exercises
  • Start end

ALERTS are sounds like Beep, Pulse, Bell, Alarm, Whistle, etc. there will be plenty of variations in duration as well.

VOICE is audio that speaks words or sentences like:

  • You are awesome!
  • Workout completed
  • Warm-up
  • Transition
  • Time
  • Half-way
  • Etc.

Some of these are motivational to keep you going or pick up the pace.

NUMBERS is audio that will allow you to build combination like “five”, “reps”, “of”, “kettlebell”, “swings”, or just plain and simple “five”, “reps”. Or get more creative and build your own “3, 2, 1, GO!” sentence. The possibilities are infinite.

TYPE are the same audio files as you encountered when selecting the type of time block, you can re-use them here for other purposes.

INTENSITY are audio files that you can use to indicate the intensity you want to achieve in the workout, for example, “increase” “weight”, “increase” “speed”, “faster”, etc.

VARIOUS are audio files that allow you to combine words, indicate sides, how many to go, etc.

EQUIPMENT are audio files that allow you to indicate equipment used.

EXERCISES are audio files of the most popular exercises like pull-ups, swings, press, cleans, etc.

START END are audio files you can use at the start or end of time blocks, like GO!, STOP!, TIME! etc.

PLAY indicates how often you want to repeat the audio, the default is Play once, you can choose to play continuously (repeat) or select several other options.

ACTIVE AT is where you specify when the audio is to play, you enter a number where it says “Active at ____ seconds”, underneath that is a dropdown from you can select:

  • Before end of
  • Before halfway of
  • After start of
  • After halfway of

There will be a number indicating the time of the time block so you know exactly what time frame you have to play with.

If you select Before end of you can enter up to 59 in this case, as the time block is 01:00 which is one minute, i.e. 60 seconds. Allowing you to enter 60 would have no effect as it would be outside of the time block. If you wanted to play a voice saying “Nearly there” 5 seconds before the end then you would enter 5 and select Before end of. If you wanted to play an audio alert halfway, then you would enter 0 and select Before halfway of.

You will eventually get a good feel of this and design your own alerts, voices, etc. and once you’re happy with it you can duplicate it over to other parts of the timer, or you can even duplicate whole timers to void repeating all the work.

Don’t forget to tap SAVE when you made a change!

After you’ve added audio blocks to your time block it will look as follows.

In this example two audio blocks are added, one is “You are awesome” and the other is “Stop!”. If you tap on the chevron pointing down you will be able to see when this audio block will play, from here you can also edit, duplicate, delete, or add another one.

One important thing to remember is that if you program audio blocks to play at a certain time before the end of let’s say 1 minute, and you then change the duration of that time block, it might affect the audio. If you had that audio to play 20 seconds before the end and you changed the duration to 15 seconds then this would conflict. You need to keep this in mind when changing the duration after you’ve added audio blocks.


This is your timer canvas, meaning, this is the screen where you can create a new timer the way you see fit.

A block is what you add to the timer to make it work the way you want, you can add repeater and time blocks.

If you place a block it will display like an accordion, you can tap the down arrow to open a block and see it’s properties or perform more actions.


EDIT is the first option in the block if you tap this icon it will go into edit mode, from there you can define the attributes of the block.

SOUNDS is the second option in the block if you tap this icon you will be able to see all audio blocks that have been added to the time block. Audio blocks can currently only be added to a time block.

DUPLICATE is the third option and will allow you to create a duplicate of the block with all its attributes. This option is a paid function which can be very time-saving.

DELETE is the fourth option and will delete the time block from your canvas.

ADD is the last option, this icon will allow you to add another block (repeater or time) above or below the current block.

COLOR BAR displays the background color you selected on the display screen option.

You can move blocks up or down with the arrows which are located to the bottom right of the block. Each block has a plus sign, after tapping the plus you can choose to create another block above or below the selected block.


At the bottom of the canvas there is a total time of all time blocks added to the canvas. Note that if you add a stopwatch of FOR TIME block it won’t add any time to the total as these times will depend on when the user taps finish.

You’ll notice an orange plus icon at the top and black plus icon with the text “Add a block”. The orange icon at the top will place any new block at the top, and the bottom black icon will place any new block at the bottom. This just lets you save time with placing the blocks at the right place.

When done editing your timer just click Done which will save the timer and bring you back to the My timers screen. Click the Save button if you just want to save the work done so far without leaving the canvas screen.

Repeater blocks are what you add to repeat something i.e. to loop over a combination of time blocks, and they look like the following screenshot.

Where it says “4 Rounds” that is the start of the repeater, it’s a darker color and has an icon that consists of two arrows going in a circle (repeating). It’s important to know where the repeater ends, this is why there is a repeat of the same looking block but in light grey and it has an info icon rather than a chevron pointing down.

Anything you place in a repeater gets repeated for as many times as the repeater is set for. In this example, the first repeater has a time block of 30 seconds of Burpees (custom-type) and a 15-second rest.

If you’ve added a repeater block to create a round, cycle, set, or station on your canvas and you’re not sure how to get a time block in it, following are the steps to fix this.

repeater round

IMPORTANT: The above does nothing on its own, the above is just a repeater that says repeat something for 5 rounds, but there is nothing in the repeater block. The dark grey is the start of the repeater block and the lighter grey is the end of the repeater block, you can also see the info icon on the end of the repeater block. It’s important to know the start and end because what you put in between that is what gets repeated.

The above is what your screen looks like if you open up the repeater block. To place something within the repeater you can tap the black plus sign to the far right.

This is the icon you tap to add time blocks inside the repeater.

If you did not use that icon to add another block to the canvas then your screen might look like the above, which is a repeater block that repeats nothing, followed by a time block of 30 seconds. If you would run the timer like this then it would go straight into the 30 seconds and the timer would end. You can also see that the total time of the timer is 00:00:30 which is 30 seconds.

The time block you added was placed at the bottom because you used the link at the bottom that says “Add a block”. To move the time block in the repeater block is easy, just open up the block as displayed below.

Then tap the up arrow/chevron up, this will move the block up by one position, this will move it into the repeater block.

The above screenshot shows the time block moved into the repeater block. If you look at the total timer you’ll notice that it has changed to 00:02:30 which is 5 x 30 seconds. The repeater block will now repeat your time block for however many repeats you have it set.

If in the future you want to add your time block directly in the repeater block without having to move the block up then you tap the plus icon within the repeater and select the BELOW options.


Playing YouTube Music

You can play YouTube videos/music while you run the timer. You have to have snap/multi-window functionality on your phone, this allows you to attach a window to the top of your screen while running the timer below it.

If you do not have this functionality YouTube will stop playing once you return to the timer, this is nothing to do with the timer itself but YouTube functionality.

Paying customers can request support here. Non-paying customers can receive support in our public Facebook groups here.

If you’ve purchased a bundle of timers or are part of the testing team and received voucher codes for the paid or premium version, here is how you redeem your codes. Note that your screen will be different.

After tapping purchase in the app a Google Pay screen comes up, look for the down chevron or chevron pointing to the right.

You’re looking to change the payment method from credit card to Redeem.

On the following screen is where you enter your voucher code.

A voucher code for Google Play can only be redeemed once. Pasting the code is the easiest way to make sure you don’t mistype it. If the code does not work, it could have expired, please contact our sales team.