Frequently Asked Questions


Installation of the workout timer is fairly easy. You access the following link on your smartphone this will go to the Google Play store from where you can click “Install”. If it says “Open” it means that you’ve already had the timer installed.

Before you uninstall the app, make sure you back-up your timers and email them to yourself or store them on the phone somewhere safe. That is if you’ve created timers that you want to keep or re-install.

The timer comes with default timers that you can run right away. You can also create your own timers. To find out more about how to set up your own timer, read the instructions found on this website or on each screen of the workout timer itself.

You can use the timer for free, upgrade to paid or premium to get access to additional features that make the timer so much easier to use. The workout timer just has a one-off payment system, you only pay once, there is no re-occurring plan. You can perform the upgrade from within the app itself.

We do not have an iPhone version at the moment due to many reasons, some being:

  • the difficulty of the Apple app store requirements
  • cost of development

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Pricing & Support

The workout timer comes as a free version which you can use for as long as you like. To check what features you have access to in the free version click here.

Believe it or not, even our free version comes with support! We stand behind our product and believe you will too once you see the countless features you can use. The workout timer by Cavemantraining will become a staple in the fitness industry and we’re here to support that 100%. All free support and questions are handed in our public Facebook group “Nothing but training matters—Cavemantraining“.

If you’re having any issues with the app crashing on your phone, be advised that we receive an automatic report of any crashes that occur. We’re always working to fix any crashes that we can. However, please make sure you’re running on the latest operating system for your phone and have the latest version of the app installed. You’re still welcome to report any crashes to us. All support questions are handled in our Facebook groups, Facebook page, or via email which you can access through our contact page.


You can find our online documentation for the workout timer here.

The workout timer app has documentation/help for each screen which you can access by tapping the info icon in the top right corner.

Still Need Support?

We love our product and are available for support via email or Facebook. Just shoot us a message and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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