Quick workout timer tutorial

The Workout Timer by Cavemantraining is unlike other timers and provides you with any timer you can imagine once you understand the interface. To provide you with this flexibility comes at a cost, the cost is that you need to invest a few minutes of your time to understand how to create YOUR timers.

Let’s create a simple interval timer together. Just follow along to create a timer of:

  • 20 seconds countdown
  • 8 rounds of
    • 45 seconds work
    • 14 seconds rest


You can change the duration or rounds to anything you like. This simple demo is to get you familiar with the interface.

Step 1.

Tap on the menu option New timer.

Guaranteed, if you invest these 1 to 3 minutes to get your first timer created, you’ll understand how this app can create any timer you ever need. You’ll never need another app, you don’t need a Tabata, Boxing, Circuit, WOD, or any other timer as this app will do it all for you.

Step 2.

Tap on the menu option Create timer.

Step 3.

Give the timer a name, any name that will help you recognize the timer. We’ll leave the rest as default to keep it simple.

Tap Next at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4.

Tap on Time block.

Step 5.

Select Countdown from the Type drop-down and activate Speak type. Select 20 seconds from the Duration

Scroll down the screen and tap the Save button.

All these settings will create a time block that counts down 20 seconds to 0 and will speak “Countdown”.

Step 6.

After saving your timer, what you’ll see is called the Canvas, it’s the place where your blocks will appear (time and rounds etc.).

You’ll see the 20-second countdown you just created.

Tap Add a block.

Step 7.

You’ve seen this screen before, it’s where you select time or repeater block.

This time tap Repeater block.

Step 8.

Enter 8 for the number of times to repeat. Leave the default name as Rounds.

Tap Save.

Step 9.

Open up the repeater block for more options by tapping the chevron down icon.

Step 10.

Now that the repeater block is open the options are visible. Tap the plus icon highlighted in the screenshot.

Step 11.

After opening the block and tapping the plus icon within, you’ll be prompted as to where you would like to add a new block. Tap Below.

Step 12.

Tap Time block.

Step 13.

Select Work from the Type drop-down. Enable Speak type. Select 45 seconds from the Duration. Scroll down and tap Save.

Step 14.

You just added a new time block which is now visible on your canvas. Tap the chevron down arrow to open up the block and access options.

Step 15.

You’re going to add one more time block to add the 15 seconds of rest. Tap the plus sign and tap Below.

Step 16.

Select Rest from the Type drop-down. Enable Speak type. Select 15 seconds from the Duration. Scroll down and tap Save.

Step 17.

Scroll down and tap Save. You have just created your own timer. The timer has a 20-second countdown, followed by 8 rounds of intervals.

The magic is that you can create anything you want, you’re no longer limited when it comes to creating workouts. You could add a 5 rest of stretching after this followed by another workout, followed by a cool down, etc.

You’ve only created a basic timer, if you read our documentation or just play with the options, you’ll find that you can:

  • Add alerts and other sounds
  • Program songs
  • Change the display
  • Duplicate blocks
  • Share timers with friends

And so much more.

Step 18.

Tap the chevron icon to open your timer and access options. To run the timer tap the green play button.

Step 19.

This is what your timer looks like. You can skip a round with the >> (forward) icon, or go back one with <<.

The plus/minus icon allows you to add more time to a round, or add a whole new round (or more). 

Step 20.

You now know how to create a simple timer, you should check out our online documentation for more details. If you have any questions you can always post them in our public Facebook group which covers anything Cavemantraining related.